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Chinese court rules against gay man's marriage lawsuit

Sun Wenlin will not give up on trying to legally marry his partner in China
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A court in China has ruled that two men cannot get legally married, reports Reuters.

Homosexuality is legal in China, however same-sex marriage is not and LGBT couples therefore have no protections.

Many advocates have applauded Sun Wenlin, 26, who filed the suit in the Chinese city of Changsha against a civil affairs bureau.

The court remained in opposition and delivered a negative ruling.

“Of course I’m not very pleased about it but I’m not going to give up,” he told Reuters. “I plan to appeal.”

Sun wanted to start a family with his 36-year-old partner and pursued the lawsuit last December.

A previous attempt by Sun to register for a license was also rejected in June 2015, by the Eurong district affairs bureau, who turned him away saying, “marriage had to be between a man and woman.”

Some great strides have been made in China toward gays and lesbians. It wasn’t until 2001 that the country removed homosexuality from their category of mental disorders.