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Young man calling his attack a 'hate crime' in West Hollywood

Christopher De La Cruz
Photo credit:
KTLA - Los Angeles

KTLA Los Angeles is reporting that on Friday, April 8, Christopher De La Cruz was walking from a popular West Hollywood nightclub to his car at about 1 am, and was attacked and robbed, he is calling it a hate crime.

“Two guys came up, the first thing they said was you better not scream,” De La Cruz told the station.

There were two men, reports De La Cruz, one in a ski mask, and the other holding a knife. they pushed him to the ground calling him anti-gay slurs and demanding money.  

The incident happened in a residential neighborhood in West Hollywood; an area one resident said is not familiar with criminal violence.

“It’s a very safe place,” said John Walter, “so hopefully it will be an isolated incident.”

Another resident says that there have been a few occurrences within the last few months and he is not surprised at the alleged attack.

De La Cruz claims his assailants made off with a credit card, but have yet to use it, making it seem that the attack was more than just a robbery.

“We come out here to have a good time because it’s our safe zone,” De La Cruz told KTLA. “I felt like I was just stripped, and just made fun of for just being me.”

Los Angeles investigators are currently looking for surveillance video of the area in and around where the attack took place.

You can watch the video report by KTLA HERE.