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Man ambushed and beaten walking home from Rich's nightclub

NORTH PARK - A San Diego man was attacked while walking home from Rich’s nightclub Saturday night, according to his Facebook page.

BillyClub Organ posted from his hospital bed this morning saying that he is recovering at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego.

The victim recalls that he was walking home and approached Louisiana Street at Polk where he made a right turn, and that’s when the “attackers” ambushed him and he was “sucker punched unconscious.”

The next thing he remembers is being awakened by a Good Samaritan named David who immediately called the police.

“My maxillary arch is fractured in two places,” the victim wrote, “I have a broken nose, and my clavicle is fractured on the left side. Be safe when walking alone!”

Friends and family are disturbed by the news of his attack and have posted well wishes and words of support.

As of this writing his attackers have not been identified.