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New San Diego gun lobby forms and is ready to take on local politicians

San Diego advisory board members and volunteers have endorsed the formation of a new Second Amendment group called the San Diego County Gun Owners PAC (SDCGO).

Michael Schwartz, a long time firearm advocate and Second Amendment supporter will be Executive Director of the San Diego Chapter.

“We have seen attempts to limit our Second Amendment rights at the local level time and again,” Schwartz said. “Whether it is increasing fees on gun stores, restricting access to conceal carry permits, or simply refusing to allow gun ranges in certain communities – our rights have been slowly chipped away and now we are taking a stand.”

Schwartz said that he is happy with the national and state advocates for gun rights, but he feels there aren't enough political voices at the local level.

He would like to see more activism and support, especially from San Diego politicians.

“Because locally is where Sacramento and Washington D.C. politicians start. We are that voice for San Diego County gun owners,” he said.

The SDCGO has launched a new website which reviews local legislature according to their districts with a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” rating depending on where the politicians stand on the issue. There is also an “undecided” rating for officials who may not have come out for, or against firearm issues.

The ratings were compiled through research and conversations with political officials and their voting records.

“We are encouraged by many of our elected officials’ support for the Second Amendment.,” Schwartz said. “But we stand ready, with our campaign war chest, to take on any candidates or officials who encroach on those rights.”

San Diego County Gun Owners are holding a Holiday Party on December 15th at BNS Brewery in Santee.

Timothy Rawles is Community Editor of SDGLN. He can be reached at editor@sdgln.com, @reporter66 on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to 888-442-9639, ext. 713.