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Lyft launches new e-scooters in San Diego

Lyft launches new e-scooters in San Diego

On Monday ridesharing service Lyft announced they have launched a new edition of their own brand of scooters in San Diego. Lyft  joined the market back in December 2018 with many other companies such as Bird or Lime. 

This Lyft edition boasts wider scooter bases, thicker tires, and a more powerful battery.

Conservative group turns violent, beats teen at Pride event

A peaceful Pride march turned ugly in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on September 15 when conservative protestors sought out LGBT participants and attacked them. The incident was caught on camera and comes with a trigger warning. 

Seattle gets a coffee house that serves beefcake too

Seattle gets a coffee house that serves beefcake too.

You've heard of Magic Mike, how about Magic Morning Joe? That seems to be the concept behind Seattle's latest coffee innovation; a walk-up coffee hut with a sign out front which reads: "Hot Guys Serving Hot Coffee."

AZ high court gives okay to discriminate against LGBT customers

AZ high court gives okay to discriminate against LGBT customers.

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that Phoenix's anti-discrimination ordinance which was supposed to protect LGBT people is not valid in the case of Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski who own Brush & Nib Studio, an event invitation design company. 

NYC Council wants to repeal ban on conversion therapy

The New York City Council has taken steps to repeal a ban on conversion therapy in order to avoid a suit that they fear will reach a conservative U.S. Supreme Court. 

Chula Vista church opposing "Drag Queen Storytime" vandalized

Chula Vista Church opposing Drag Queen Storytime vandalized.

As Tuesday approaches in Chula Vista for Drag Queen Storytime at the Civic Center Library Branch, one church who opposes the event is alleging that their property was vandalized by Storytime supporters over the weekend.

The markings were covered but remained outside of the South Bay Pentecostal Church on Sunday as went inside for weekly worship services 

Las Vegas LGBTQ Center hit with homophobic graffiti

The Las Vegas LGBTQ center in downtown Las Vegas was vandalized with a homophobic epithet this week, the incident comes just three months after a tree outside the building was set ablaze by an arsonist according to KLAS.