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Historic San Diego LGBT house is destroyed without warning

Just one day after an updated nomination for the National Register of Historic places was received in Sacramento, the historic Bernie Michels-Thom Carey house was abruptly demolished.

Charles Kaminiski of Lamda archives tells SDGLN that no notice or announcement was given, and at approximately 5 pm on Friday, May 29 the property was razed by developer H.G. Fenton .

According to Kaminiski, the Bernie Michels-Thom Carey house, located at 2004 El Cajon Boulevard was important to the San Diego gay and lesbian community because of it's place in LGBT history.

It is where many honored LGBT leaders went in the early 70’s to organize and plan the Center for Social Services and The San Diego LGBT Community Center.

Many call it the house where San Diego’s gay movement began.

Kaminiski claims that H.G. Fenton was never interested in making the white wooden house a historic landmark.

Calls for letters of support went out to the community from Lambda Archives and Save Our Heritage Organization last year to help save two-story saltbox structure.