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Stabbing victim at San Diego Eagle speaks out about near-death attack

SAN DIEGO, California -- "I'm really lucky" to be alive, Tim Caudill says as he points to his jugular vein, near one of his five stab wounds after being attacked at San Diego Eagle late Wednesday.

The 28-year-old Caudill, who says he is a Marine Corps veteran, said his attacker "came out of nowhere" and became verbally aggressive with him and his friends. Suddenly, the man took out a knife in the altercation.

"I threw him up against the bar and grabbed him from down under and tried to wrestle the knife away," Caudill said in a dramatic interview with FOX 5 from his hospital bed.

The attacker managed to grab the knife with his other hand and began stabbing Caudill, who suffered five stab wounds. One of those wounds was dangerously close to one of his jugular veins on his neck.

"He almost got me," Caudill said. "That would have killed me."

Bar patrons at San Diego Eagle stepped in and probably saved his life, he said. But the attacker fled the bar, though police tracked him down soon afterward when they noticed what they determined were self-inflicted wounds.

Sometime on Thursday, the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Homer Rubio, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

On his Facebook page, Caudill wrote this on Thursday:

So now that I told my mom I can say it. Last night at the Eagle my friend had a knife pulled on him. In that moment I did what I needed to do, I pulled the guy away and tried to disarm him. I am sure he was on drugs but he stabbed me 5 times. Two were very close to life threatening. My leg is pretty bad ... Send me some good energy guys.

Friends wished him a speedy recovery.