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Turkey: TV music channels fined for sexual videos, one showing lesbian kiss

ANKARA, Turkey -- The nation's media watchdog has issued fines to two TV music channels for broadcasting videos that showed sexuality scenes, including one that featured a lesbian kiss.

The conservative nation that straddles Europe and Asia is overwhelmingly Muslim and although secular has shown in recent years to be bowing to pressure from right-wing religious groups.

The Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK) fined Genç TV for airing Elliphant's 2014 "One More" music video, which can be watched below. Elliphant is a Swedish singer and rapper.

The watchdog group also cited Power TV for singer Pitbull’s music video for “Don’t Stop the Party,” for scenes of of “passionate fondling of a woman’s half naked body,” as well as “footage and gestures similar to pornography,” according to Hurriyet Daily News.

Here is the Pitbull video that upset the watchdog group:

In justifying the fines, RTÜK cited the controversial remarks on homosexuality made by Cem Keçe’s, head of the Turkish Sexual Health Institute. Keçe claims that homosexuality is not genetic, but is a defect and "against human nature," and the result of "parenting mistakes." Thus, Keçe argues, showing anything beyond heteosexuality on TV could affect gender identity in people who are questioning their sexuality. And RTÜK buys the Kool-Aid and punishes the two music channels.