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Ed Breeding tackles a "Prescription for Addiction"

Pills, pills and more pills. Doctors can prescribe a pill for anything that bothers us. And for some people, that is a "Prescription For Addiction."

That's also the apt title of the latest documentary by Ed Breeding, also known for his photography and paintings.

The Las Cruces, New Mexico filmmaker takes on Big Pharma in the new documentary, interviewing multiple people who have been negatively affected by pharmaceuticals as well as medical experts and healers who worry about the addictive nature of many drugs that are commonly prescribed.

Breeding is familiar to San Diego Gay & Lesbian News readers for his collaboration with the Rev. Canon Albert Ogle, Vicar of St. Peter’s, Lithgow in Millbrook, New York, who writes the RGOD2 weekly column for SDGLN and the GLBT News Network. Breeding made a 32-minute video titled “Love Heals Homophobia” for Ogle's organization, the San Diego-based St. Paul's Foundation for International Reconciliation, about how religious homophobia is endangering the lives of LGBT people across the world. He interviewed some prominent African-American faith leaders to bear witness of the power of love to heal homophobia across the world.

He also made "Straight Line Curve," a 2013 documentary that profiles seven gay men who have made a difference in New Mexico and who live far outside the LGBT mainstream.

Ed Breeding speaks with SDGLN.com and says "Prescription For Addiction" was originally conceived as a pilot film so that "if there was enough interest, whereby I could do three or four more follow up films, as it was not possible for me to cover all the issues that this subject warrants in one film."

Q: Why did you decide to make the “Prescription For Addiction” documentary?

A: What moved me mostly to make this film was because of the disgust I have been feeling by the onslaught of pharmaceutical ads on network TV. And for me, it seemed very obvious that it is a major ‘brainwashing’ job by the pharmaceutical companies, for one reason only! MONEY! Clear and simple.

Q: You suggest that Big Pharma has bought and sold our healthcare industry, so how did you arrive at that conclusion?

A: The answer to this question is again MONEY. If it wasn’t for the big money the pharmaceutical companies are making, how else could they get away with “legally” continue pushing their ‘drugs’ onto the consumer and get away with it, except that their ‘money’ talks. And … the doctors and “healthcare” industry are the ones that dispense their drugs.

Q: How is the over-prescribing of medicine affecting our lives?

A: As the film addresses, such as the woman with the bag full of pills, we that are daily consuming these pharmaceuticals are not functioning on all “8 cylinders.” The quality of our lives is very poor in comparison to those of us that are not taking any meds. I, personally, go once a year to the VA clinic for my check-up, and nothing more, and they always seem to be dumbfounded that I don’t take any kind of meds … as if I’m the abnormal one. I’m an avid hiker, oftentimes doing 10-12 miles into the local mountains on a Sunday, and it is difficult to find anyone, even 20 years younger than me, who is able to make the hike with me. I think that is a typical example of how sickly and out of shape we seem to be as a nation. I find that to be very sad.

Q: Several of your experts recommend self-responsibility for our own healthcare, and that is something that many of us would agree with. Why is this important in the 21st century when medical advances continue at a rapid pace?

A: As stated in the film, “doctors are not responsible for our health, we are.” The reason this is so important in the 21st century, or any century, if we do not stand up and take responsibility for our own wellbeing, then drug makers and drug pushers=pharmaceutical companies and doctors=for money, will get an even stronger control of our lives; and who in their right mind wants to live a life with their body filled with drugs and existing as a “zombie”?

Q: This documentary reflects very much your roots in New Mexico, from the stunning landscapes to the experts and testimonials. Is there a reason for this?

A: I did this in New Mexico because that’s where I live and economics, and because I do all the film work: writing, interviews, filming, acquiring the music, etc., and get no financial assistance from anyone, then I pay an editor to sit with me and put it all together, therefore I do whatever I can in my nearby area because I don’t have finances to travel all over to do it, and also, I feel what is happening here in New Mexico is typical of what is taking place almost anywhere else in the country.

Q: You advocate for alternative medicine and preventative medicine. Is this your overall message for viewers?

A: Yes … I strongly feel that the very best medicine we can ever use is “preventative medicine,” if … we desire to live a more enriched life.

Q: How can audiences see your documentary?

A: The audiences can view a trailer of the film on YouTube. And if they desire to purchase the film, there is information about that at the end of the trailer. I have presently entered the film into seven National film festivals that take place next year. At present, two websites in Canada are promoting the film via the trailer. They are: NaturalCuresNotMedicine.com and PreventDisease.com.

Q: What are your future plans?

A: Most of my films have included Indigenous content, such as one that has just been put onto Amazon.com – “UNSHACKLED.” Last week I meet with the CEO of nativeflix.com, from L.A., who had sought me out, and he is presently previewing five of my Indigenous films to be considered for his site, which he plans to have up and running by early November. Nativeflix will be set up just like Netflix, except the films available will only be worldwide Indigenous films. The CEO is Apache/Comanche/Seminole. Also, I am considering doing a documentary about the wisdom that certain Native American elders/leaders may agree to share with the world, asking them to address their thoughts about the horrific things, we as a people, have done and are doing to Earth Mother.

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