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Celebrating the Fourth of July

SAN DIEGO -- The staff members of Hale Media -- San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, GLBT News Network and SD PIX magazine -- wish you a very fun and safe Fourth of July holiday weekend.

This year, the celebration of our independence from Great Britain and our adoption of the Declaration of Independence and embrace of the Bill of Rights will again be special as we rejoice because more and more U.S. states embrace marriage equality, bringing gay and lesbian Americans closer toward full equality. Our job will not be done until all LGBT Americans are treated as full and equal citizens.

Unless there is breaking news affecting the LGBT community, SDGLN and GLBT News Network will not be publishing live during the holiday weekend so that our hardworking staff members can spend quality time with their families and loved ones.

Thank you for supporting us and making SDGLN the most-read LGBT news source in San Diego and Southern California -- with a global readership reaching 200 countries and territories on every continent on Earth.

During the month of June 2014, SDGLN and GLBTNN reached more than 100,000 unique readers and had almost 140,000 pageviews.