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San Diego gay businesses rocked by threatening, homophobic hate mail

SAN DIEGO, California -- At least two gay-owned establishments in the heart of San Diego's LGBT community have been threatened in rambling, hand-written letters from a person who only identifies himself as "Eddie 777 Servant and messenger of the God Yahweh."

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News today obtained copies of the letters sent to Flicks video bar and Baja Betty's restaurant, both well-known gay-owned businesses in Hillcrest. The homophobic letters are threatening in nature and possibly evidence of two anti-gay hate crimes.

On Tuesday afternoon, Flicks used its Facebook account to document the receipt of the hate mail.

Also today, SDGLN photocopied the letters sent to Flicks and Baja Betty's and posted them to Scribd.com. The letters can be read below.

"Eddie 777" claims his message comes from "God Yahweh," although he does not explain how he had been anointed to such an important role of communicating on behalf of a deity.

The letter writer threatens the manager if that person does not forward the letter to the owner of the gay business: "If you Mr. Management don't give my letter to the owner, you Mr. Management will be punish by God Yahweh, punishment like sickness, bad lucks, accidents, car accidents, loss income, fight with other people and worst your future death ..."

"Eddie 777" suggests that gay people are not "good Christians and have evil mind, evil mind people are vices terrorist, robbers, carnappers, kidnappers, snatcher identity thefts, computer hackers, pervert, porno addict, homosexual people with to much immoral sexual activities with same sex, drug addicts ..."

SDGLN did not correct any spellings or grammar mistakes made by "Eddie 777."

The letter writer cites Bible passages to support his claims. He also rails against same-sex marriage.

"Eddie 777" even encourages the business owner to change his sexuality to "straight."

Then he declares that "The Power of God Yahweh is now an Owner of Flicks."

The letter sent to Baja Betty's is almost identical to the one sent to Flicks. The threats are the same, and "Eddie 777" also declares that God Yahweh is now an owner of Baja Betty's.

The reaction of people posting to Flick's Facebook page runs the gamut from amusement to concern. Here is a sampling:

John Q Cabigon: God bless his soul for his ignorance.

Charlie Welder Rosenberg: It's almost a bit threatening...

Sarakate Laverty: I hope you guys are reporting this to the police. If this guy is crazy enough to take the time to write this, who knows what else is stirring in his (clearly sick) head!

Todd Worley: I am pretty sure that God knows how to speak English which this person clearly dose not. Also, he speaks of being a Christian, which means to be "Christ like". The Christ I believe in is not full of hate. He led by example and love, loved even those who were hated and sinners in his time. This person need to learn what it is to truly be a Christian, and stop giving real Christians a bad name. I am a straight white male but I would gladly stand up with any one against this kind of self-righteous judgment and hatred. God bless.

SDGLN's Jonathan Rivera called around Tuesday afternoon to see if other gay-owned establishments have been threatened. He said Babycakes San Diego, Brass Rail and Rich's have not received any threatening letters. On Wednesday, #1 Fifth Avenue reported no such letters have been received.

For its part, Flicks said on Facebook that it was business as usual:

"Oh how nice, we received a sweet little manifesto condemning us all to hell... If anyone would like to join us we have Karaoke tonight at 9pm and Happy Hour Prices all Day & Night! Have an amazing day ! YAHWEH!!!"

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Ken Williams is Editor in Chief of SDGLN. He can be reached at ken@sdgln.com, @KenSanDiego on Twitter, or by calling toll-free to 888-442-9639, ext. 713.

Flicks Hate Letter

Baja Betty Hate Letter