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WeHo Mayor John D'Amico organizing international LGBT mayors conference

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico is organizing a conference of LGBT mayors from across the United States and around the world as part of the city’s June celebration of gay pride.

In a proposal describing the event prepared for the City Council, D’Amico notes that West Hollywood is sometimes described as the “first gay city in the world.” The city was founded 30 years ago by a coalition of residents interested in keeping housing affordable and in promoting LGBT rights.

The invitation list includes 35 LGBT mayors in the United States in cities as varied as Seattle and Des Moines and Franklinton, N.C., and Valley Mills, Tex. There are seven on the list from France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The most prominent of those invitees is Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe.

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