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For The Lovebirds duo, breaking up is harder to do than their relationship

Breakups in the music world happen all the time. Some breakups are splattered over every newspaper and news show out there, and some aren’t, but that doesn’t make the breakup any less painful or easier to deal with.

Lindsay White and Veronica May comprise the award-winning duo known as The Lovebirds and they know first-hand what it’s like to go through a breakup in the music world. The two met, fell in love, recorded two albums together, as well as made solo albums, and then realized that their romantic relationship was over.

What did they do? They realized their musical partnership was worth preserving and decided to record their third album titled "Breakup Shmakup," set for release on Friday, May 2. It's an album that, in their own words, “is special because it covers the broad range of emotions most of us feel during and after a breakup in a really dynamic but cohesive way.”

The duo’s name, The Lovebirds, was no more than an off-the-cuff happy surprise, as May explains it.

“One of our first shows together was at Claire de Lune” in San Diego's hip neighborhood of North Park, May said. “About 10 minutes before we went on stage, they asked us to give them a name so they could introduce us. It just came out of my mouth and we went with it ever since.”

The duo has recorded two albums so far and they have also recorded solo albums. Their music has been described as falling somewhere on the female duo scale between The Indigo Girls and Tegan and Sara. The Lovebirds utilize "unique chord structures, beautiful harmonies that fit like spoons, and soulful, quirky lyrics," San Diego Troubadour writes.

The Lovebirds have shared the stage with many notable musicians, including Steve Poltz, Tristan Prettyman, Bushwalla, The Lumineers, Jack Tempchin, John C. Reilly, Glen Phillips, Sara Watkins, Susanna Hoffs, Berkley Hart, Raining Jane and Jason Mraz.

While they have worked on other projects and completed solo endeavors, The Lovebirds is where their hearts remain.

“When Veronica and I met, I was playing solo shows and also with my band Lindsay and the White Lies,” White said. “[Veronica] was also playing solo shows and with her band Veronica May & the To Do List. We also have another seven-piece band called the Forget Me Nots. As we got busier with The Lovebirds, these other projects have naturally moved to the back burner. The majority of our time and energy goes into The Lovebirds now, but we still love performing and recording solo and with our other projects when we get a chance.”

May and White’s breakup may have changed the duo’s connection on a personal level, but both agree that working on "Breakup Shmakup" was probably their most successful collaboration to date.

“The writing process was very different for this album, and I think that had a lot to do with taking space,” White confessed. “Taking space emotionally to go to our separate corners and process our feelings, but also taking space physically because we no longer lived together or shared that physical connection. As a result, only one co-write is on the album ('Echo'). Strangely enough though, the album is probably our most cohesive so far; even though we were each writing songs in our separate corners, we were in a similar headspace of trying to overcome a challenge with as much love and grace as possible. By the time we went into the studio, we were focused on doing what we do best together…playing songs and cracking jokes.”

The duo’s West Coast tour kickoff will coincide with their album’s release with a special performance and CD release party at Swedenborg Hall in University Heights on Friday, May 2.

“Swedenborg Hall is a beautiful venue in University Heights,” White said. “We’re excited to have another local band The Midnight Pine opening, and we’ll also be screening a brief documentary promo for the album that gives a closer look at our story and the making of this album. We will definitely have copies of the new album available! It is an all ages show with limited seating, and it’s the last time we’ll be in town until June, so make sure to buy your tickets to secure your seat!”

Tickets for The Lovebirds at Swedenborg Hall, 1531 Tyler Ave. in San Diego CA 92103, can be purchased
HERE or by going to the duo’s Facebook page.

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The single "Echo" from "Breakup Shmakup" had its exclusive premiere today on Relix Magazine's website. Click HERE to hear the song.