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DJ Will Z makes "Out at the Fair" official

SAN DIEGO -- The last time Will Zakrajshek was featured by San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, he was discussing his performances as DJ Will Z at local hot spots around town. Yet spinning top 40s and electronic dance music is just one aspect of Will’s fascinating résumé. He is also, along with his partner, the founder of “Out at the Fair” which will take place Saturday, June 14 at Del Mar Fairgrounds.

DJ Will Z doesn’t take for granted his incredible local fan base, and says he is a firm believer in “giving back.” In addition, he noticed an undeniable “lack of the LGBT community represented at the fair.” So, he found quickly found his venue for returning something great to the community.

Will and partner Caleb Wilkins started “unOfficial Gay Days” on Social Media four years ago to help the community branch out throughout Southern California. For the first two years, Gay Days was essentially a Social Media campaign that mobilized people to get together at the San Diego County Fair and represent the LGBT community.

By 2013, Del Mar Fairgrounds wanted to work with the campaign directly, lifting it out of its grassroots, Social Media phase. This allowed for a reserved space wherein non-profits could set up booths and take part in the festivities. Revelers were able to enjoy an after-dark performance by DJ Will Z & dirtyKURTY sponsored by Rich’s, and then make their way to Urban Mo’s for the after-party.

This year, Will and Caleb are making a giant leap forward. “Out at the Fair” 2014 will be an official event, and the boys have teamed up with San Diego Pride, HRC San Diego, The Center and SDAFFL. Between the publicity achieved and the new collaborators, Will and Caleb were able to book the second Saturday of the Fair as the official "Out at the Fair" date, and acquire bigger acts and more performers, and get discounts for LGBT events happening at the Fair.

For those new that missed the past years’ events, first timers can expect wide array of entertainment from LGBT bands, DJs and performers. The Pavilion will host several non-profits that will provide information about getting involved in the community. For Will, this day is unique, unlike anything of its kind. He says:

It shows how diverse San Diego County is and how accepting we are too. This is unlike any other day at the San Diego County fair. It allows the LGBT community to be showcased in a positive manner to people who may not otherwise attend LGBT events.

“Out at the Fair” is an "all-families" event, with best behavior and appropriate dress code requested. Will hopes that theses guidelines will further help to display the LGBT community in a positive light. Furthermore, the family-friendly etiquette may be a determining factor in the relationship between “Out at the Fair” and the Fairgrounds.

The details

The 4th annual “Out at the Fair” event takes place Saturday, June 14 from 10 am to 11 pm at Del Mar Fairgrounds. For more information, check out Facebook pages HERE and HERE.