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Missing Sacramento man may have been spotted by San Diego detectives

SAN DIEGO – A 32-year-old Sacramento, Calif. man who has been missing since Feb. 12 after he arrived in San Diego apparently has been seen by police and is alive, his sister said today.

Sarah Parr -- along with other members of Brandon Parr’s extended family – has been frantically seeking his whereabouts since he disappeared after connecting with an old friend, Larry Kirk Christiansen. She contacted San Diego Gay & Lesbian News for help on Thursday after weeks of making telephone calls, posting on Facebook, creating Craigslist “missing persons” ads in cities across California – and getting nowhere.

Midafternoon Thursday, Sarah learned from a connection that Christiansen was found dead on March 6 of a suspected overdose in his apartment at the World Trade Center Homeless Shelter in downtown San Diego. That sent off alarm bells, because the 33-year-old dead man was the last person to see Brandon alive.

SDGLN confirmed Thursday afternoon with the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office that Christiansen was dead and that a toxicology report was pending.

Your article did it,” Sarah said Friday morning. “Someone from the Medical Examiner’s Office contacted homicide detectives yesterday afternoon, and it turns out they have interviewed Brandon on the streets and documented him as a homeless person. They called me this morning and said they would try to find Brandon and ask him to call home.”

Sarah said she can now take a deep breath, because she and family members had feared that Brandon might have been dead. A posting on Brandon’s Facebook page on Feb. 12 – his last posting on the Social Media website – indicated that his friend and his buddies had beaten him up and had “security remove me from his building” and that they broke his cell phone and left him homeless on the streets without his medication to treat depression.

“I feel a sense of relief,” Sarah said today. “But also a sense of sadness. I still don’t know what has happened to Brandon and that he is safe. Until we hear from him, we will keep worrying. It is just not like him to fall off the grid.

“We cannot thank you enough for your article and for generating so much interest in finding Brandon,” she said.

Brandon’s story was the top-read story on SDGLN on Thursday and through this morning. The article has been shared almost 1,000 times on Facebook and frequently retweeted.