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TONIGHT: I-Mayor Todd Gloria to present State of the City address | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- Interim Mayor Todd Gloria will present the State of the City address tonight at 6 in the Balboa Theatre downtown.

All citizens are invited to attend the address, where Gloria is expected to outline the 2014 agenda for the City Council.

"Come and learn about the progress that we've made, and what more we can do together in the year ahead," Gloria said in a video invitation.

Each year since at least 1964, San Diego's mayors have presented such an address to the city reflecting on accomplishments from the previous year and affirming their goals for the new year.

Gloria will likely look back at what his office has done during his short tenure as interim mayor before stepping back into the role of council president. Voters select a new mayor on Feb. 11.

He recently previewed his address on other local news outlets.

Balboa Theatre is located at 868 Fourth Ave. Admission is free. The address can also be viewed live on CityTV.