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San Diego City Council selects date for mayoral runoff election

SAN DIEGO -- The City Council has selected Tuesday, Feb. 11 as the date for the runoff election for San Diego mayor.

Two City Council members - David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer - are the contenders for the seat after becoming the top two vote-getters in the primary election held last month.

Voters and the candidates have been waiting to hear when the runoff election would be scheduled as city officials weighed numerous circumstances before selecting the date.

City Clerk Elizabeth Maland suggested the date after considering factors such as the time it takes to certify the results of the Nov. 19 special election, and allowing the state-mandated 29 days of early voting.

The candidate who wins on Feb. 11 will finish off former Mayor Bob Filner's term, which has nearly three years remaining.

The City of Solana Beach has also scheduled a special election for Feb. 11 so it is possible that some of the County Registrar of Voters costs can be shared.

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