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San Diego City Council passes Mid-City Interim Height Ordinance

SAN DIEGO -- On Tuesday, Nov. 5, the City Council voted unanimously on the initial hearing on the Mid-City Interim Height Ordinance, which will limit building heights in Mission Hills to 50 feet, and to 65 feet in Hillcrest until the Uptown Community Plan update is enacted. While this was the initial hearing of the measure, and will return for another vote by the council in coming weeks, Mission Hills Heritage Chairman Barry Hager, a supporter of the height limit, called this second reading “perfunctory.”

“It was about as clean a victory as you can get,” Hager said.

While there is no definite timeline in place for the Uptown Community Plan’s completion, Hager anticipates this will be done by the end of 2015.

“It sounds like 18 to 24 months if everything goes smoothly,” Hager said. “We’re eager to begin working with the city on putting together a plan that works for everyone.”

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