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California GOP slammed for racist, sexist buttons attacking Hillary Clinton, liberals

The California-based progressive organization CourageCampaign.org is slamming the California GOP, demanding an apology for selling racist, sexist and objectifying anti-Hillary Clinton buttons at the California Republican Party annual convention held over the weekend.

The buttons also attacked liberals as another name for communists.

Paul Song, executive chairman of CourageCampaign.org, blasted the California Republican Party.

“At the California Republican Party convention this weekend, leaders in the GOP spent most of the time wondering why their party is so unpopular with women and people of color, while at the same time relying on the same tired, racist and sexist attacks to energize their base," Song said.

"If the Republican Party wants to have a future here in the State, they need to wake up and realize that Californians are more interested in keeping the government open, functioning and avoiding default on our obligations than in the politics of division and hate,” he said.