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The man behind NOM’s new war on California's transgender students

Exactly one year ago, Frank Schubert was on top of the world. California’s gay marriage-banning Proposition 8, which he had helped push through, was in effect. He’d successfully knocked down ballot initiatives in Maine and North Carolina to legalize gay marriage, and gearing up for similar fights in Maryland, Minnesota and Washington State. In the nation-wide crusade against gay marriage, Schubert was king.

Then, in what seemed like no time at all, all his hard work has come crashing down. All five of the states in which he’d worked to block gay marriage have now legalized it. The Supreme Court effectively killed Prop 8, and deemed the Defense of Marriage Act — a federal ban on same sex marriage — unconstitutional. For a guy like Frank Schubert, who’d spent the last half a decade fighting to keep marriage defined as a sanctified union between a man and a woman, it seemed like game over.

But Schubert refuses to wave the white flag — only now he’s got a new, and somewhat unexpected target: transgender students. He’s just signed on to lead a campaign backed by the National Organization for Marriage — the group that he’s long worked with on the gay marriage fight — to repeal a new law in California that reinforces existing anti-discrimination laws by allowing transgender public school students to choose which bathroom to use and which sports teams to try out for.

It might seem like an odd fight for a group that’s long prided itself on being solely marriage-focused. But critics say this latest initiative is not only a desperate attempt to regain relevance following their devastating Prop 8 defeat, it’s also proof that NOM is hardly a single-issue organization, but rather an all-out anti-gay group determined to strip LGBT people of all basic rights.

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