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Gambia leader to UN: Homosexuality one of "biggest threats to human existence"

NEW YORK -- The homophobic president of Gambia used his address to the United Nations today to attack the LGBT community worldwide, declaring that homosexuality is one of the "biggest threats to human existence."

President Yahya Jammeh labeled greed, homosexuality and obsession with world domination as the "biggest threats" and said they "are more deadly than all natural disasters put together."

Jammeh, 48, illegitimately seized power in Gambia through a military coup in 1994. The Sunni Muslim was elected president in 1996 and re-elected three times since then.

Under his leadership, Gambia has made life miserable for its LGBT community. According to Wikipedia:


On 15 May 2008, Jammeh announced that his government would introduce legislation that would set laws against homosexuals that would be "stricter than those in Iran", and that he would "cut off the head" of any gay or lesbian person discovered in the country. News reports indicated his government intended to execute all homosexuals in the country.[20] In the speech given in Tallinding, Jammeh gave a "final ultimatum" to any gays or lesbians in the Gambia to leave the country.

Claims of medical treatments and cures

In January 2007, Jammeh claimed he could cure HIV/AIDS and asthma with natural herbs. His claimed treatment program includes instructing patients to cease taking their anti-retroviral drugs. His claims have been criticized for promoting unscientific treatment that could have dangerous results, due to the belief that those discharged from his program cannot infect others. In December 2011, he restated during an interview that the alleged cure for HIV/AIDS was "going very well".

Fadzai Gwaradzimba, the country representative of the United Nations Development Programme in the Gambia, was told to leave the country after she expressed doubts about the claims and said the remedy might encourage risky behaviour. In August 2007, Jammeh claimed to have developed a single dose herbal infusion that could treat high blood pressure. Jammeh has also claimed to develop a treatment for infertility in women as part of what is called the President's Alternative Treatment Program (PATP).

Jammeh has been accused of restricting freedom of the press, abusing human rights and voter intimidation.

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