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Interim Mayor Todd Gloria brings change on medical marijuana, lobbyists, open data

SAN DIEGO -- The city of San Diego has resumed enforcing medical marijuana zoning restrictions, will rehire lobbyists let go by former Mayor Bob Filner and will work toward increasing the public's access to city data, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria said Thursday in his first weekly media briefing.

Gloria presented several changes and updates to Filner's policies and repeatedly pointed out what he said were gaps or inconsistencies in Filner's programs.

The city's homeless shelters may have to close in April because Filner did not provide enough funds to keep them running year round, Gloria said. Gloria will visit both shelters in the next few days, look for other sources of funding for them and look at administrative costs of running both shelters, but he said it may not be enough.

"It's extremely unfortunate that Mr. Filner allotted insufficient funds to keep our shelters open year-round as he had promised," he said. "The lack of adequate funding for homeless programs is another example of a mess that was left by the previous administration that I must now clean up."

Gloria took other opportunities to paint Filner's administration as incompetent, saying Filner "neglected to consider the need for fuel tanks to run the trams" in Balboa Park.

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