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Likely Santa Fe mayoral candidate comes out

SANTA FE, N.M. -- Former state Democratic Party chairman and prospective Santa Fe mayoral candidate Javier Gonzales posted in a blog Wednesday that he is gay.

Gonzales came out on the website Familia es Familia, which works to “build support among Latino communities for acceptance of gay and lesbian family members,” according to the site. The headline over the post is, “My Renewed Faith in Santa Fe.”

“Anyone who’s really gone through what I have understands that this is a process, and it’s something that’s an important process to go through,” Gonzales said in an interview Wednesday afternoon. “It really wasn’t just an announcement, it was a moment to share this process that I’ve experienced.”

In the blog post, Gonzales details growing up in Santa Fe and the struggle that came with accepting his sexual orientation. “Accepting that you are gay is complicated with fears about disappointing those you love, or becoming disconnected with a sense of place that is as much a part of me as my sexuality,” Gonzales wrote in the blog post, which went up on the website Wednesday morning.

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