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Foes launch bid to kill Indiana amendment to ban same-gender marriage

INDIANAPOLIS -- A coalition of businesses and gay-marriage supporters has kicked off a promised push to block a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The amendment is set for a required second vote in the House and Senate next year to send it to voters for a final decision in November. 56 current House members and 38 senators voted for the ban when it passed for the first time in 2011, including all but one Republican, New Albany Representative Ed Clere. The GOP expanded its House majority in last year's election, theoretically improving the amendment's odds.

But leaders of the newly-formed Freedom Indiana say they're hoping to stop the amendment in the legislature, before it ever reaches a referendum. Campaign manager Megan Robertson is a former strategist and spokeswoman for Republicans including Sixth District Congressman Luke Messer and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. She says she's talked to several legislators who are rethinking their support of the amendment, especially a clause applying to all domestic partnerships, both homosexual and heterosexual.

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