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The Center's board calls for Mayor Filner to resign

SAN DIEGO -- Delores Jacobs, head of The San Diego LGBT Community Center, took to her Facebook page on Friday morning to announce that The Center's board of directors has called for the resignation of Mayor Bob Filner, who has been accused by a number of women of sexual harassment.

Here is her posting:

Consistent with The San Diego LGBT Community’s mission, the Center’s Board of Directors condemns in the strongest possible terms the victimization of and discrimination against women, including sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances. The Center calls for the City of San Diego's leaders to take any and all appropriate steps on behalf of the women who have reported being harassed, intimidated and/or blatantly disrespected by Mayor Bob Filner.

Unwanted, non-consensual sexual propositions and physical advances by those in positions of power, as well as differential treatment based on gender, perpetuate the second class status of women and, by extension, all people who have historically experienced a hostile work environment. Further, the now numerous and credibly detailed harassment allegations that have been lodged against Mayor Bob Filner would likely lead to the removal of any other city employee. We do not support holding our Mayor to a different, lesser standard. Accordingly, we call upon the Mayor to immediately resign.

Within minutes, community members began commenting on the posting.

Samples include:

-- Philip M Katcher: FILNER's EGO is beyond reality AND your tax dollars WILL pay for his defense..IF he was a TRUE visionary and HIS actions HURT the city COST millions in legal fees HE should step up to the plate and resign..SAVING millions the city DOES NOT HAVE

-- Jeff Fleming: I agree Delores. It's sad, but we can not tolerate this kind of behavior. Some are willing to put this aside for political issues and maters of control and power, but this trumps all that. This was not a victimless behavior perpetrated by the Mayor. People should not have been treated this way. If the Mayor wants to do what's right for the city, he would step down.

-- Evelyn Thomas: Another painful display of failed leadership resulting in the County Party tearing at the seams. The right thing to do is very difficult for some people. My vote never changed. I believe in the Party platform and the principle of equality which is the primary plank of the Party. Let us never forget to be true to the people that the Party represents.