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Local LGBT figures, faith leaders to protest San Diego County Clerk's anti-marriage petition

SAN DIEGO -- A collection of LGBT figures, groups and local faith leaders will be gathering Tuesday morning at the San Diego County Administration Building downtown to protest the County Clerk's petition to halt same-gender marriages in California.

Log Cabin Republicans of San Diego, Navy veteran and activist Sean Sala, pastor Richard McCullen of Missiongathering Church in North Park and other faith leaders have called a news conference at 8 am Tuesday, July 23 at the County Administration Building, 1600 Pacific Highway.

The news release issued late Saturday afternoon quoted Friday's breaking news coverage by SDGLN:

"SAN DIEGO – In a stunning development late Friday afternoon, the San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk has filed a petition with the California Supreme Court challenging the State of California’s order to resume same-gender marriages.

County Clerk Ernest J. Dronenburg petitioned the court via attorney Charles Salvatore LiMandri, a well-known homophobe from Rancho Santa Fe and prominent supporter of the discriminatory Proposition 8 that took away same-gender marriage rights from Californians from 2008 until last month.

Teresa Lynn Kubu Mendoza is also one of the attorneys filing the petition, called Dronenburg v. Brown. LiMandri and Mendoza are attorneys with the homophobic group, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, based in Rancho Santa Fe.

The petition named Gov. Jerry Brown, state Attorney General Kamala Harris and AG assistants Ron Chapman and Tony Agurto as respondents in the petition.

The legal document reads:

... respondents Edmund G. Brown, Jr., et al., are requested to file informal opposition concerning the application for an "immediate temporary stay." The opposition is to be served on counsel for petitioner and filed in this court by 9:00 A.M. on Monday, July 22, 2013. Petitioner will then have until 9:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 23, in which to serve and file a reply to that informal opposition. These two expedited filings may be submitted by email/pdf (at clerk@jud.ca.gov), with hard copies to follow by mail. In addition, preliminary opposition concerning the remainder of the petition is to be served on counsel for petitioner and filed in this court on or before Monday, July 29. (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.487, subd. (a)(1).) Petitioner will then have until Thursday, August 8, in which to serve and file a reply to the preliminary opposition."

"We will not stand for wasting taxpayer money on this issue any longer. We will also not stand for LiMandri bullying the State of California by forcing his religious extremism down people's throats," said Susan Jester, head of the local Log Cabin Republicans.

The organizers of the protest blasted anti-gay attorney LiMandri for what they describe as a "blatant, desperate attempt to once again grieve the lives of the LGBT community. Charles LiMandri is once again using his extremist religious bias and views to intrude into the lives of others. Through his beliefs, he is insisting that the State of California should be a theocracy; according to his views on marriage."

LiMandri, a devout Roman Catholic, has been called NOM’s nakedly hostile Founding Father by the NOM Exposed blog published by the Human Rights Campaign.

"We are gathering to condemn him, the San Diego County Clerk and stand up in faith against his religious extremism," the organizers said.