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Rachel Maddow tackles the Bob Filner scandal

Rachel Maddow, host of “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC, on Wednesday took a look at the growing scandal involving San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, focusing only on the sexual harassment allegations and ignoring the other controversies.

The piece was titled “Lurid accusations shock supporters of San Diego mayor.”

For the most part, Maddow nailed it with her commentary, although she missed the boat in calling San Diego a “pretty conservative place.” America’s Finest City has turned Democratic in recent elections, and residents have elected gay and lesbian politicians to the City Council and California Legislature.

Maddow talked about how Filner’s election gave hope to Democrats and progressives that America’s eighth-largest city would be forever changed.

“Now with Bob Filner under control, nothing is guaranteed. It’s turned out way differently than anyone has expected. No charges have been filed yet, no lawsuits have been filed yet, but check your watch every minute or so for updates on that,” Maddow said.

She ran videos from local TV coverage and interviewed Trent Seibert, an investigative reporter from the U-T San Diego.

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