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Council President issues memo on how to deal with sexual harassment

SAN DIEGO – City Council President Todd Gloria today distributed a memo to maximize employee safety and productivity in light of allegations of sexual harassment by Mayor Bob Filner.

“While the case against Bob Filner’s ability to carry out his mayoral responsibility builds, I believe it’s critical to support our City employees and provide service to San Diegans,” Gloria said.

The memo, sent to Interim Chief Operating Officer Walt Ekard, focused on City employees. In the memo, the Council President:

* requested that City staff be educated immediately about every option available to report any harassment or other improper or illegal behavior they have experienced or witnessed;

* recommended the City explore avenues for concerned employees to report harassment by the Mayor to an outside organizations not under his supervision;

* asked that alternative workspace options be considered for any remaining employees in the office of the Mayor so they may remain productive in a reliably safe environment; and

* requested City staff be directed to retain and preserve all documents that may relate to the allegations of harassment by the Mayor.

“The best way to restore trust in the City is to continue to protect the interests of our citizens. Though we are working with an incapacitated Mayor’s office, the City Council is dedicated to doing its part in running an efficient and effective municipal government,” Gloria said.

Gloria will preside over this week’s City Council meetings today at 2 and 6 pm, and tomorrow at 2 pm. He will also chair the Budget and Finance Committee meeting on Wednesday at 9 am, where the Fiscal Year 2014 Appropriation Ordinance will be considered. The Appropriation Ordinance is the City’s spending plan for the year and incorporates the annual payment to the retirement system that is $25 million larger than anticipated.