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California Supreme Court: Same-gender marriages can continue

SAN FRANCISCO -- The California Supreme Court today rejected a "Hail Mary" attempt by Proposition 8 supporters to halt same-gender marriages in the Golden State, according to The Associated Press.

ProtectMarriage, the group that sponsored the 2008 ballot measure that took away same-gender marriage rights, on Friday asked California's high court to stop the marriages because there is no binding appellate ruling that says Proposition 8 is unconstitutional. But the U.S. Supreme Court last month had tossed the Prop 8 case because ProtectMarriage and other anti-gay groups had no legal standing to defend the law in court.

Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said he was pleased with the ruling.

"Our opponents have failed in a desperate attempt to deny happiness and protections to lesbian and gay couples and their children and no amount of legal wrangling is going to undo that joy," Griffin said.

"Marriage equality has returned to the Golden State and just as David Blankenhorn, the star witness for Prop 8 came to support marriage equality, I hope others will open their hearts and minds and realize that marriage will soon come to all 50 states in this country. On that day we will all be more American."

John O'Connor, executive director of Equality California, also approved today's decision.

"Yet again, detractors have failed in their attempt to halt marriage for loving same-sex couples in California," he said. "Committed gay and lesbian couples will continue to affirm their love for one another through marriage should they choose to. Marriage for same-sex couples is here to stay in California!"