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Zimbabwe president targets gays at re-election campaign launch

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Zimbabwe’s gay-hating President Robert Mugabe says he would like to imprison gay and lesbian couples for not being able to have children.

“I should like to shut them up in a room and see if they can get pregnant; if they don’t, then it’s jail because they have claimed they can have children,” he told thousands at his campaign launch, New Zimbabwe News reports.

“To that kind of rot, we say no, no, no!”

Mugabe also hatefully targeted lesbians, saying “Show us your manhood … You want to make other women your wives and you the husband? Well, that is madness; we refuse to accept that.”

In the past Mugabe has promised "hell for gays" if his Zanu PF party wins the general elections, and said gay people are worse than pigs and dogs.

Sex between men remains illegal in Zimbabwe under laws dating back to the colonial era. Harassment and anti-gay violence are commonplace.

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