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OutServe-SLDN seeking a new board of directors

WASHINGTON – The scandal consuming OutServe-SLDN is coming to a head.

Since a coup attempt to oust the organization’s transgender leader Allyson Robinson has failed and most of the local chapter leaders have demanded accountability, OutServe-SLDN has announced that it will seek a new board of directors. In addition, coup leader Josh Seefried, the current board’s co-chair, said he will resign, effective Monday, July 8, in an apparent attempt to appease the local chapter leaders who demanded his exit.

A transition committee comprising four current board members and four chapter leaders will search for new board members. The chapter leaders are Todd Burton, Tania Dunbar, Regis Sullivan and Brynn Tannehill, representing OutServe Ladies, Military Advisory Council, OutServe Trans and OutServe Georgia. The board members are Regina Grattan, Mike Magee, Katie Miller and Mathew Phelps.

OutServe-SLDN said the committee will submit its recommendations “in the coming weeks” and “is specifically exploring the best avenues to advocate for transgender service members and veterans and to secure equal opportunity employment protections for LGBT service members.”