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Newsom Exit Gives Huge Boost to Brown Campaign

When Attorney General Jerry Brown, 71, became the last man standing in the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial field on Friday, the battle-scarred warrior with four decades in state politics pulled off a remarkable feat in California - home to an elbow-throwing pack of ambitious Democratic politicians.

Mexico Extradites 11 Fugitives to the United States

Each year since 2001, Mexico has increased the number of defendants it extradites to the United States. By ensuring that alleged criminals are held accountable, the U.S. sends a strong message that fleeing across the border does not mean you will escape justice.

Cutbacks Will Affect State Park Enthusiasts

Padlocked toilets are coming soon to California's once-fabled state parks. They will be joined by off-limits campgrounds, closed hiking trails and forbidden forests as the cash-poor state seeks to save $14.2 million by yanking away the welcome mat from its 278 parks.

Newsom- I'm OUT!

"This is not an easy decision", comments Newsom. "But it is one made with the best intentions for my wife, my daughter, the residents of the city and county of San Francisco, and California Democrats."

SDGLN.com Copyeditor Morgan M. Hurley to Appear on Stephanie Miller Show

In her article, California Divorce Ban Gets Approval for Signatures, Hurley reported that John Marcotte, a California father of two, has received a green light from the California Secretary of State to begin gathering signatures to get the California Protection of Marriage Act 2010 on next year’s ballot. If passed, the measure would outlaw divorce in the state of California.