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11 OutServe-SLDN chapters demand answers from national board of directors

SAN DIEGO – Leaders of 11 regional chapters of OutServe-SLDN are demanding information from the national leadership about what actually happened on Saturday when the board of directors apparently voted to fire executive director Allyson Robinson, the most visible transgender leader in America.

OutServe-SLDN has a leadership void right now, with board members and key staff members quitting after Saturday’s meeting. It is unclear who actually is speaking for the organization now that Zeke Stokes, the organization’s director of external relations, quit Saturday night.

The organization also appears to be on life support, with Robinson and the OutServe-SLDN board of directors issuing conflicting statements on Monday afternoon.

Here is the email that San Diego Gay & Lesbian News obtained late Monday afternoon:

From: OutServe-Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) Chapter Leaders of:

To: OutServe-SLDN Board of Directors

RE: Request for Information

We, the above Chapter Leaders, representing approximately 1900 members of OutServe-SLDN, or 30% of the total membership, hereby request the following information from the OutServe-SLDN Board of Directors no later than 1700 EDT on 25 Jun 2013:

1. Complete minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held 22 June
2. Fiscal records for the first quarter of 2013
3. New governance policies and bylaws as they pertain to Title 29 of the D.C. Code — Business Organizations Code, Chapter 4 - Nonprofit Corporations. The information provided on the website is out of date, as SLDN is now registered as a non-profit in the District of Columbia and the policies on the OutServe-SLDN website clearly state Delaware. The information is also out of date, as it pre dates 2012. On 1 January 2012, the New DC Nonprofit Corporation Act went into effect.

The above information can be submitted to the chapter leader list-serve so that all may benefit from the information and further the transparency of the organization.



Luz Bautista, OutServe-SLDN Illinois Chapter Leader
Katelyn Crosby, OutServe-SLDN Korea Chapter Leader
Tania Dunbar, OutServe-SLDN Ladies Chapter Leader
Danielle Escorza, OutServe-SLDN Arizona, Cuba and Florida Chapter Leader
Christopher Hooper-OutServe-SLDN Virginia Chapter Leader
Mika Jackson, OutServe-SLDN Northern California, Ladies Chapter Leader
Jeffrey Mueller- OutServe-SLDN Colorado/Wyoming Chapter Leader
Jeffrey Priela-Tam- OutServe-SLDN North Carolina Chapter Leader
Steven Proctor, OutServe-SLDN Tennessee Chapter Leader
Jonathan Roman- OutServe-SLDN Georgia Chapter Leader
Alison Unger, OutServe-SLDN Georgia Chapter Leader

Stay tuned as the drama continues to unfold.

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