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Canada’s "gay marriage tourists" stuck in wedlock

Thousands of gay couples from foreign countries got married here after Canada legalized same-sex marriage back in 2005. But for many, the bloom is now off the rose, and they have a problem: Canada has not yet legalized same-sex divorce for non-residents. And since these couples’ home countries don’t recognize their marriages to begin with, they’re more or less locked into matrimony.

There’s a bill before Parliament to fix this problem. It’s called the Civil Marriage of Non-residents Act, and would have been more aptly named the Quickie Divorce Act. Complicated issues like division of assets, spousal support and custody of dependents? Don’t worry, that all falls to the courts in your home country. Sign here and here, and congrats, you’re single.

Alas, Bill C-32 is not going to make second reading before the summer break starts at the end of the week, and there’s some concern that the Harper government is going to prorogue at the end of this sitting in order to wipe clean its legislative slate. So those loveless same-sex marriages will live on —maybe for years.

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