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Gay soldier: "Prince Harry saved me"

Prince Harry is being hailed a hero after reportedly coming to the aid of a gay British soldier who believed he was going to be bashed to death by soldiers from a rival regiment.

Trooper James Wharton said he tearfully confided in the prince, who was his tank commander, that he feared he was going to be murdered after six soldiers threatened to "batter" him in a homophobic attack in 2008, the Daily Mail reported.

He said after he told the prince about his fears, Harry had "a complete look of bewilderment" on his face and said he was "going to sort this s--- out once and for all."

"He climbed out of the tank and I poked my head out of the turret a few moments later to see him having a go," Trooper Wharton, who was 21 at the time, said.

"I could see he wasn't holding back."

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