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Balboa Park Conservancy and Balboa Park Central to merge

SAN DIEGO -- The Balboa Park Conservancy and Balboa Park Central have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a first step toward the intended merger of both nonprofit organizations, to be completed sometime next year.

The Conservancy and Central seek to further their common missions of serving the long-term interests of Balboa Park and its patrons through the mutually beneficial merger.

The proposed merger will allow for the sharing of knowledge and resources that will enable the Conservancy and Central to increase their effectiveness in enhancing the Park experience for current and future generations. Being complementary in their function and focus, the Conservancy and Central recognize the potential for mutual advantage in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, accounting for the views and needs of all park patrons, grant seeking, park advocacy, and working with the City of San Diego.

The merged organization will continue to promote their shared values of building open, positive, and productive relationships with all Park entities and stakeholders and inspiring engagement, innovation, and investment.

“The ongoing working relationship between the Conservancy and Balboa Park Central revealed a natural alignment between our organizations in regards to caring about the whole of the Park and the quality of the visitor experience,” said Carol Chang, the Balboa Park Conservancy’s board president. “It became readily apparent that combining our organizations would not only greatly benefit one another, but the future of the Park as well.”

“Facilitating communication and collaboration among Park organizations, stakeholders, volunteers, and visitors has always been at the core of Balboa Park Central’s mission. Merging with the Conservancy takes that role to the next logical level, and we welcome the enhanced capacities for outreach that will naturally entail,” said David Kinney, executive director of Balboa Park Central.

“The proposed merger would help ensure the long-term viability of Balboa Park through more direct collaboration on planning and fundraising efforts with the City, park visitors, and all San Diegans,” San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria said.

Having just entered into the exploratory phase of the non-binding merger agreement, many details have yet to be worked out regarding the affect the merger will have on each organization’s board, staff, budget, and other resources. A task force comprised of representatives of both organizations has been formed to work through the next steps of the intended merger.

About Balboa Park Conservancy

Balboa Park Conservancy is a public benefit, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing San Diego’s Balboa Park for future generations. Formed in 2010, the Conservancy is responsible for raising funds, developing public-private partnerships, and collaborating with Balboa Park stakeholders to implement capital projects and address deferred maintenance needs in the Park. The Conservancy, through partnership with the City, facilitates the identification and prioritization of projects for the Park and brings resources together to ensure implementation. For more information visit HERE.

About Balboa Park Central

The mission of Balboa Park Central, a public benefit, non-profit 501(c)3 organization, is to enhance the park experience by providing services to visitors, cultural institutions, and other stakeholders to champion and preserve the Park as a unique civic asset and to promote a collaborative approach to park management, policies, and programs. It co-manages the balboapark.org web site, operates the Balboa Park Visitors Center, and leads collaborative marketing efforts for the Park’s cultural institutions.