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The fabulous Tabatha Coffey has something new up her sleeve

Gay icon Tabatha Coffey, the hair goddess and business-makeover specialist whose mere presence causes clients to shake in their boots, is tackling yet another project.

Her one-woman empire is expanding tonight as BravoTV.com launches “Tabatha Coffey: A Day In The Life,” an original web series produced by Shine America. The web series will follow Coffey, the woman in black, as she navigates through her hectic work schedule. Fans will gain greater insight into the savvy businesswoman and burgeoning entrepreneur.

The first web series episode gives a glimpse of Coffey’s new wig line as she visits her offices in Los Angeles, and the platinum blonde reveals that she often wears wigs herself. Other episodes will follow Coffey as she does designer dress fittings, readies herself for the red carpet, visits a juice bar or celebrates the end of the work day at happy hour at The Abbey in West Hollywood.

Tabatha Coffey chats with San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about her new web series and her expanding career. Find out what her fans don’t know about her!

SDGLN: You have quite a following on SDGLN. Share with our readers about your new original web series, “Tabatha Coffey: A Day In The Life,” and how that will tie in with your Bravo TV series, “Tabatha Takes Over.”

Well thank you! The web show was not meant to tie in with “Tabatha Takes Over,” it was simply an added bonus for fans to be able to answer viewers questions and let people get to know me a little better. It's a glimpse of my day to day life, which is what a lot of my supporters ask me about.

SDGLN: You have taken the world by storm since your 2007 appearance on Bravo’s “Shear Genius,” where you were named Fan Favorite and cemented your reputation for making blunt assessments, “taking no crap” and whipping others into shape. Why do participants in “Tabatha Takes Over” fear you so much, and how do you feel about their reaction?

I'm not sure if it's fear or the shock that I am really there. In some cases the emotion that people have is also relief. I totally understand all of the reactions, change is hard for people so often it's people realizing things are about to change, which means the bad behavior and bad habits are over.

SDGLN: “Tabatha Takes Over” fans want to know: Why do you wear black?

Black is the color that many hairdressers wear for a couple of reasons. The first is, it looks professional and helps hide stains that can occur from hair color. The main reason hair professionals wear black is you don't clash or compete with your clients clothing or hair color you become a neural backdrop. It works out for me because I love wearing black!

SDGLN: How did someone born in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia end up living in Ridgewood, New Jersey?

I moved from Australia to London for a while and then family brought me to New Jersey. I have lived in Jersey for a while and it is home.

SDGLN: Why did you follow your mother and brother into the hair business? You trained in Australia as well as London, so who had the greatest influence on your career, and why?

I don't know if I followed them or if it was always in my blood but whatever it was I am very grateful for finding my passion. I did train in Australia and London, and all of it has influenced me for various reasons.

SDGLN: Editorial stylist, hair artist, educator, business owner, reality-TV star, author of “It’s Not Really About the Hair: The Honest Truth About Life, Love, and the Business of Beauty,” you are a one-woman empire. What drives you, and what is in the future for you?

My passion for what I do is my driving force. I am excited to be hitting the road with a speaking tour this summer "An Evening with Tabatha Coffey" to help people find their passion, motivate them and to help solve their business issues. I am also working on my second book, as well as several other projects. People can always keep up with me via my website or on my Twitter page @TabathaCoffey.

SDGLN: What is something your fans don’t know about you?

Wow at this point I think I am an open book, literally! People may be surprised to know I am passionate about cooking and a real homebody.

SDGLN: Since your mother died of cancer, you have become active in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. How can your fans help out?

It's a great organization and details can be found on their website.

The details

“Tabatha Takes Over” airs at 10 pm EDT/PDT on Bravo TV. Click HERE to find more information about the show on the Bravo TV website.

“Tabatha Coffey: A Day In The Life,” the web series, is available starting today HERE.

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