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Far Right activist commits suicide in Notre Dame in protest of marriage equality

PARIS -- A former Far Right militant terrorist turned controversial French historian today put a gun in his mouth and squeezed the trigger, committing suicide in front of the main altar at the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral in a dramatic protest against marriage equality.

After a contentious debate about marriage equality in France, marked by violent street protests that were hijacked for political gain by right-wing extremists, French lawmakers nonetheless overwhelmingly approved the marriage bill. An immediate challenge to the bill was rejected by the Constitutional Council, and President Hollande signed the bill into law on Friday, May 17.

The first same-gender marriages in France will begin on May 29.

Dominique Venner, 78, a French historian who has been an outspoken opponent of marriage equality and gay rights, posted a long tirade against same-gender marriage on his blog today, stating that "An infamous law, once passed, can always be repealed." He also warned that France and Europe would be brought under Islamist control and sharia law.

Venner then went to Notre Dame and committed suicide.