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UPDATED: Grand Jury releases report on adult-to-child bullying in San Diego schools

SAN DIEGO -- The 2012-13 San Diego County Grand Jury released a report Thursday that shares the results of its investigation into reported incidents of adult-to-child bullying in San Diego Unified District schools.

A proliferation of high-profile cases of school violence since the late 1990s has focused the attention of federal, state and local governments, as well as school officials, on examining school safety issues, procedures and policies. The Grand Jury found that among the prominent issues are parent and community concerns about child-to-child and adult-to-child bullying taking place in local schools.

As far back as August 2011, the California Department of Education responded to concerns of parents within the San Diego Unified School District. They concluded that, by failing to provide child abuse procedures, the School District failed to maintain an updated or implemented school safety plan. California Education Code provides that each comprehensive school plan may be evaluated as needed, but must be updated annually.

The Grand Jury recommends that the San Diego Unified School District develop an adult-to-child bullying policy to be included in the Administrative Procedures and School Site Safety Plan. The Plan must address adult-to-child bullying, harassment, and/or intimidation, whether physical or emotional, by school district employees or volunteers. The School District should provide all complainants timely and continuing feedback as to the status of their complaints.

The employee appeal and review procedures should be revised to forbid administrators from reviewing their own findings and recommendations.

The complete report can be found on the Grand Jury’s website HERE.

The reaction

School trustee Kevin Beiser, who is vice president of the school board, said the Grand Jury failed to mention the district's Administrative Procedure 6370 that was created about a decade ago to deal with cases of child abuse.

He also pointed to the Safe Schools Task Force, which was created three years ago to deal with student-to-student bullying issues.

"Any inappropriate behavior will be investigated and dealt with," Beiser said. He said an investigation involves the Area Superintendent, the Human Resources Department and the San Diego Police Department.

"We will not tolerate inappropriate behavior," Beiser said. "And we will put an end to it."