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San Diego looks to help local breweries grow | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO — In an effort to help build one of San Diego’s largest industries, City Council will consider a measure that would allow bigger craft breweries to have restaurants and larger tasting rooms.

Under the city’s land development code, breweries in industrial zones aren’t allowed to have restaurants or tasting rooms bigger than 3,000 square feet.

City council member Todd Gloria believes it’s time for those restrictions to be lifted.

“What we’ve really enjoyed is this renaissance of the beer culture here in San Diego. We don’t want to lose those people. We don’t want to lose the taxes they create, the jobs they create,” said Gloria.

A recent study showed local breweries and brewpubs employ more than 1,600 people while generating $680 million in sales a year.

“In a struggling economy where we’re looking to grab any job that we can, I think it’s really wise for the city to do what we can to keep these employers within our city limits,” said Gloria.

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