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USD Nonprofit Students' Class Project Becomes State Law

Most graduate level courses at the University of San Diego have some component that requires students to work together on a project to explore an issue or solve a problem. Rarely, however, does that project become California law.

Rain Expected, Free Sandbags Available

Weather forecasters now predict a wetter-than-normal winter with the return of El Niño. Stormy weather over the Thanksgiving weekend also served as a reminder to prepare for the fast-approaching winter rainy season.

Weekly Wrap: Taxpayers in 29 States Hit with Hikes

Eleven states upped their personal income taxes, accounting for $10.7 billion in new revenue. But a closer look reveals that most of that comes from just two states: California and New York, which raised payroll taxes for a combined $8.4 billion. California also accounted for $4.4 billion of the $6.1 billion in new sales taxes nationally.

Weekend Eight Greats: December Nights and Nearly-naked Aussies

During a Vegas bachelorette weekend (yes, I was a bridesmaid), I pulled myself out of a vodka-induced coma long enough to accompany the girls to Thunder From Down Under. The Aussie strippers (umm, adult entertainers?) don’t go Full Monty (and if they did, I must have missed it!), but they’re charming, and the interactive show is a riot.