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Robbery of Imperial Court Prince not considered a hate crime

LONG BEACH, Calif. -- In what was initially being called a gay bashing, the mugging and theft of Imperial Court Prince Von Jonnie this past Friday has been confirmed by the LBPD as a robbery and not a hate crime.

Following Mayor Foster's annual address regarding Pride at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Von Jonnie was heading westbound on Ocean when he was approached by two suspects at 7th Place at 7:30PM. He was then physically assaulted, with his money and Imperial Court crown being taken from him.
A local blog reported Von Jonnie's story ("Long Beach Imperial Court Prince is Gay Bashed After Leaving Mayor’s LGBT Reception") following Facebook statuses posted by the victim himself.

Von Jonnie told the blog, "I called the police and they said the crown may be somewhere down Ocean. I was a target of a hate crime and the police told me I brought it upon myself by wearing the extravagant crown out in public."

Von Jonnie spoke with the Post, clarifying, "I waved a police officer down on the street as he passed by right after the incident. That officer said he would arrest me for public intoxication and blamed me for walking alone and wearing the extravagant crown! He intimidated me into submission."

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