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Anglican bishop accused of discriminating against gay man

AUCKLAND, New Zealand -- The Anglican Bishop of Auckland is being taken to the Human Rights Tribunal over allegations he is discriminating against a gay man who wants to become a priest.

Right Reverend Ross Bay has been accused of preventing a gay man entering the Anglican Church's training or discernment program for priests because he is unmarried and in a sexual relationship with his male partner.

Bay denies the allegation.

The complainant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he had been signaling his desire to train for the priesthood since 2006, but had never been accepted into the program.

In a statement filed to the Tribunal, the complainant said:

"I felt totally humiliated that I had spend six years of my life in study, for a process that I was not permitted to enter because I was a gay man and in a relationship.

"My humiliation and disappointment continues to this day."

The man said if he was unmarried but in a heterosexual relationship or a Civil Union he would have been accepted.

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