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New chapter for Colorado families begins as civil unions start today

DENVER — A new chapter for Colorado families began today at 12:01 am when hard-fought legislation for civil unions took effect, allowing same-sex couples to form civil unions for the first time.

Same-sex marriages performed in other states were immediately recognized civil unions under Colorado law, and Colorado same-sex couples were the first time allowed to fill out paperwork for civil unions licenses at county clerks’ offices, including Denver’s Webb building where Mayor Hancock officiated the state’s very first union between Fran and Anna Simon.

The lesbian couple had become familiar in the media by testifying for the legislation at the state Capitol for three years while the bill was debated there.

Earlier in the evening, the McNichols building in Civil Center Park was packed with participants for One Colorado’s Civil Soiree, celebrating the legalization of civil unions at midnight. Just across the street was the Webb building, home of the county clerk’s office where civil union licenses are issued.

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