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15 Pride celebrations not to miss in 2013

(This post originally appeared HERE in OutTraveler.com.)

Pack your rainbow flag, glitter and sunscreen because there's a whole lot of celebrating going on in these pride-ful cities.

Tokyo (April 28): Where better to sport a little rainbow pride than in a parade that marches right through Tokyo's notoriously colorful Harajuku? (Photograph by Flickr user decayoftheangel)



Sao Paulo (June 2): It's official, according to Guinness World Records, this is the largest Pride parade in the world, with 4.2 million people expected this year. (Photograph by Flickr user blast_furnace2)



Tel Aviv (June 7): Few would dispute that this city is one of the hottest in the Middle East, and it packs a mean Pride celebration to prove it. (Photograph by Flickr user atomische)



Boston (June 8): These amazing parties and parade are even more worth the trek this year because Denise Crosby, of Star Trek: The Next Generation, is the celebrity marshal. (Photograph by Flickr user mgrondin)



Los Angeles (June 9): What's new this year? Organizers are hoping to color-code parade participants to create the effect of a giant rainbow marching down Santa Monica Boulevard. (Photograph by Flickr user calvinfleming)

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