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Young Conservatives, Freedom to Marry denounce RNC passage of anti-gay resolution

NEW YORK -- Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry and sister organization Freedom To Marry condemned the Republican National Committee (RNC) for voting today to approve a resolution against marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

The vote comes at a time when more progressive members of the Republican Party are beginning to embrace marriage equality.

Young Conservatives sent a letter to the RNC this week calling on the party to dismiss the resolution and move toward inclusion.
Tyler Deaton, campaign manager of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, was displeased by today’s action.

“The passage of this resolution shows a party stuck in the past, not aligned with the majority of Americans and not aligned with the next generation of the conservative movement,” Deaton said. “We will continue to push our leaders to move toward a stance on marriage that includes all loving and committed couples, which is completely in line with the conservative tenets of freedom, personal responsibility, and family.“

Liddy Huntsman, a leader of the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, also expressed disapproval of the vote results.

“As someone with high hopes for the GOP, I’m personally disappointed with this display of exclusion, especially at a moment when everyone – including party officials – acknowledge that we need a new direction. We should be focused on a better future for all Americans, no matter who they love,” Huntsman said.

Ten members of the group’s leadership committee signed the letter to the RNC: S.E. Cupp, Matt David, Tyler Deaton, Margaret Hoover, Abby Huntsman, Sarah Longwell, Ed Lopez, Liz Mair, Meghan McCain, and Marco Nunez.

Evan Wolfson, president and founder of Freedom to Marry, called the RNC “out of touch.”

"With Republican support for the freedom to marry increasing every day -- aided by the journeys of leaders like Senators Mark Kirk and Rob Portman -- the RNC is showing itself out of touch with this resolution,” Wolfson said.

“A party that claims to value individual freedom, personal responsibility, family stability, and limited government should be embracing the freedom to marry, as have a growing majority of young Republicans. RNC leaders would do well to align themselves with these supporters, who represent the party’s future, instead of digging in against the right side of history."

National polls for the past year have shown a majority of Americans are in favor of marriage equality.