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SAN DIEGO – Popular DJ Jason Drenik has two big gigs this weekend, spinning at two Shaun Flak events.

First up will be Mojo Madness on Friday night at 1202 nightclub in Hillcrest.

He will also helm the M.A.N. party on Saturday night at Bourbon Street in University Heights.

Drenik, 31, grew up in Brentwood in Northern California. And he is single, gentlemen!

Learn more about Drenik below:

SDGLN: Where can people find you working?

The Range in Hillcrest on Fridays

SDGLN: When did you start spinning, and why?

In 2001, I bought my first set of turntables and wanted to be an international DJ. I started going to underground parties around 1998 in San Francisco. The infectious music and how these DJs would captivate an audience, was electric. From then on I knew I wanted to become a DJ.

SDGLN: Vinyl or CDs? Why?

Both, I would prefer to spin vinyl because the sound quality is better, but with CDs you can have a bigger library while being more affordable.

SDGLN: What type of music do you spin?

Deep funky groovin’ house music.

SDGLN: What type of music will you NOT spin?

Top 40.

SDGLN: What is the most bizarre song request you have received?

A Kenny Chesney song.

SDGLN: What song do people request the most?

Most of the tracks I have are underground, so nobody would really know them unless they were aware of certain house music producers.

SDGLN: Do you adjust your music to fit the crowd? How?

You have to adjust your music based on the crowd. A lot of DJs will have their set already planned out. For me, it's all about discerning the vibe and mood of the crowd and taking into account how many people are in there at a certain time. Are there people dancing or is it more of a lounge feel to the venue? I consider myself a cameleon when I DJ, adapting to my environment.

SDGLN: What is the funniest thing you have seen on the dance floor?

My friend slipped and caught about three feet of air and landed on his back. Nothing was broken, except for maybe his ego.

SDGLN: What is the most scandalous thing you have witnessed while spinning?

In San Francisco, a guy was having sex with a girl off to the side, very discreet. Even though I don't know if you can ever be discreet while having sex.

SDGLN: Which venue or party was your favorite?

It was an underground show in Mission Valley and it lasted until 6 in the morning. I played from 3:30 to 6 and the vibe of the crowd was awesome. Everyone was there to dance and have a great time. You know it's a memorable experience when it's all about the music.

SDGLN: What do you love most about being a DJ?

The people! It's all about having fun and playing music that people enjoy. Life is crazy and if someone can come and enjoy the music and forget about the stress of the day, then it's all worth it.

SDGLN: What advice would you give someone who wants to get into your profession?

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE! I'm teaching my friend how to mix and that's what I tell him every day. It's simple to say, but if you want to get good at something you need to work at it. I always say that you can't jump like Michael Jordan, but you can shoot like him. Learn the basics and then practice, practice, practice. I know it's a cliché, but if you want it you have to go out and get it!

SDGLN: What song best describes you and why?

“Shakin” by Jay Vegas. It has a mixture of funk, soul and groove with great vocals.

SDGLN: Do you have a website, and if so, what is the address?

www.djdrenik.com -- it's a work in progress, but will be fully up and running soon.

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