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Lambda Archives opens Queer Artists Project Exhibition on Friday

SAN DIEGO -- Lambda Archives of San Diego will open its second in-house exhibition, utilizing the newly remodeled space and displays in its permanent location in University Heights.

Set to open Friday, March 15 with a reception and party from 7 to 9 pm, the Queer Artists Project’s first exhibition will remain available to visitors and members for three months, through June 15. The exhibition will showcase a selection of art from both within Lambda Archives’ permanent collection as well as contemporary work from artists in the local LGBTQ community.

The idea for the project came from former Lambda Archives president Bruce Kamerling, whose work will be on display for the inaugural exhibition. Susan Richards began volunteering for the Archives before Kammerling died in 1995, and officially founded the project under her stead over 10 years ago.

"We are excited for this first exhibit by the Queer Artists Project to celebrate our local LGBT art culture," said Kelly Revak, lead archivist at Lambda Archives.

"The works displayed are diverse examples of the historical artwork housed at Lambda Archives as well as outside pieces representing the continued and vibrant arts scene in San Diego. It is encouraging to see Bruce Kamerling and Susan Richards’s goal of maintaining a record of the life and work of artists within the local LGBT community continued. The work of artists is an important part of our communities history - one that Lambda Archives is dedicated to preserving and celebrating."

Highlights from the community pieces exhibited include work by Carl Schmidt, Vickie Leon, John Keasler, Andrew Printer and Julie Warren.

Directly from the archives, art in the three-month exhibit will include work by Robert Miles Parker, Bruce Kammerling, Muriel Fisher and Lisa Kanemoto, among others. The complete list of artists will be revealed at Friday's opening reception.

A live performance art piece by local artist Sami Peterson will also be presented at the opening reception. Light refreshments will be served at the free event.

"These people were very serious about what they were doing in their community. They were the forbearers to what we have now. They were activists in the very beginning, putting themselves out there, and I think it’s important for us to recognize and acknowledge that," said Cesar Chavez, Lambda Archives volunteer and curator of the Queer Artists Project exhibit.

Chavez is an art history major at the University of San Diego, and has been volunteering at the Archives since fall 2012. Joining Revak and Chavez on the steering committee are Daniela Hudson, Anthony King, and board members Conor Foley and Thomas Negron.

Current local working artists are encouraged to submit their names, bios, and artists’ statements for inclusion in the Queer Artists Project, an ongoing record of LGBT artists in San Diego. To submit, contact Chavez at cesarchavez@sandiego.edu.

For days and times the exhibit is open, click HERE.

The Lambda Archives exhibit space is located at 4545 Park Blvd. in University Heights.