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COMMUNITY PROFILE: Meet red-hot DJ John Joseph | AUDIO

DJ John Joseph is a 31-year-old San Diego native who is very popular on the local circuit. He became so popular here that he now regularly performs at nightclubs and special events across the country.

Joseph can regularly be seen spinning at Rich's San Diego, Urban Mo's, Flicks, 1202 and Numbers in San Diego, as well as Hulas (Hawaii) and The Abbey West Hollywood.

To top it all off, this adorable DJ is single.

DJ John Joseph speaks to San Diego Gay & Lesbian News about his life and career.

When did you start spinning, and why?

I started when I was 21 working at the bowling alley in Poway, but in 2006 I started DJING and Opening On Wednesday nights for Michael Paul when Mischief at Rich's was just a concept and getting off its feet! I started because I always had a passion for music and wanted to entertain people and I thought ... what better way than to be a DJ!

Vinyl or CDs? Why?

CD's ... I'm a big fan of high quality music but now I use Serato, so I'm all digital!

What type of music do you spin?

Mostly EDM ... I've fallen in love with it.

What type of music will you NOT spin?

I do a ton of events so really I have no limits. If it will make a crowd have a good time I'll make it happen.

What is the most bizarre song request you have received?

A club mix of "Moon River" - thank you very much Brian Burnett!

What song do people request the most?

Typically people will request the hottest song out at the time over and over again - like I'm not going to play it or something, come on people! It's the hottest song - I'm GOING to play it eventually!

Do you adjust your music to fit the crowd? How?

Always! I just read the crowd and see what goes over well and what doesn't! If I need to adjust then I do.

What is the funniest thing you have seen on the dance floor?

The funniest thing I've seen to date was a very packed dance floor and a drag queen saw an open invitation to a go go box and wanted to take it really bad. She jumps up, heals and all - and in a blink of an eye - falls right on her face and slid right off the box in front of a packed club! HA!

What is the most scandalous thing you have witnessed while spinning?

I've seen it all from the occasional hand job to full on sex - yes sex - people think they can't be seen but they can!

Which venue or party was your favorite?

My favorite party to DJ is the Saturday Pool Party at Rich's San Diego during the day time Pride Parade! Such energy, everyone is there having fun and I can't remember a bad moment!

What do you love most about being a DJ?

The one thing I have come to love is the moment when the crowd goes crazy to a few simple words on the mic! My favorite moment has to be at City Fest 2012 and I started to DJ in front of thousands and I got on the mic and said "San Diego, how you doing tonight?!?!?!" and I've never heard so many people screaming and wanting my music - just an amazing feeling!

What advice would you give someone who wants to get into your profession?

I've helped plenty of DJs hop into this arena. The only thing I can tell them is to learn the music they are playing. Learn the crowd they are playing for and just be confident in their abilities to play! I always have DJs that are unsure of how they are going to play and I always tell them: "You were hired for a reason - show them what you got!" That's what I do every time I'm on stage.

What song best describes you and why?

It's called "Finally" by Mikkas, Amba Shepherd because I'm "Finally" starting to make a name for myself.

Find DJ John Joseph on Facebook HERE and online HERE.

Photo captions

Top left: DJ John Joseph playing around with his equipment at home.

Middle left: DJ John Joseph with friend DJ Real.

Bottom left: DJ John Joseph at Hillcrest CityFest 2012.

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