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Council President Todd Gloria touts "100 Days of Progress"

SAN DIEGO – Council President Todd Gloria today released his 100 Days of Progress (attached), a five-page document highlighting some of the successes of the first 100 days of his second term as the Councilmember for District Three and as the Council President.

He also mentions several works in progress that he expects to move forward in 2013.

Gloria emphasized efforts on which he is working with of each of his council colleagues and the mayor, which include homelessness, public safety support, water supply diversification and infrastructure investment.

“These 100 days have demonstrated that collaboration and public participation generate results,” Gloria said.

Among the achievements included are:

 Opened Connections Housing, San Diego’s new year round homeless services center;

 Created Infrastructure Committee to provide a focused approach to make substantial progress on repairing San Diego’s streets and sidewalks;

 Successfully championed unprecedented investment into bike projects;

 Ensured repairs and upgrades were completed on the lily pond in Balboa Park;

 Secured funds to start replacement of the Police Department’s dispatch system; and

 Supported regulatory relief for restaurants.

Gloria also outlined several ongoing initiatives that should be completed in 2013 and focused on the need for fiscal discipline as discussions about next year’s budget begin. When he was elected in 2008, the City faced a deficit of almost $200 million. Since then, through the sacrifice of City employees and the implementation of reforms throughout City operations, costs of service have been reduced, and San Diego’s finances are becoming healthier.

“I look back at the last 100 days as a tremendous growth and learning experience, and also with a sense of pride,” Gloria said. “I believe the City’s sustained success will require us to look at both our past and future realistically; we must track and celebrate milestones while remaining dedicated to the long term vision of moving San Diego forward.”

100 Days by Ken Williams